Federal Signal Interior Lights


Federal Signal Spectralux Viper S2

Viper™ S2 advances auxiliary internal warning to a higher plateau with superior LED light output, easy-to-select flash patterns and simple pattern synchronization.

The superior warning capability of Solaris® LED reflector technology provides a bold array of light and impressive off-axis reflection. Phenomenal light output, versatile mounting options, and simplistic product functionality make the Viper S2 product stand out in the warning light industry.

  • Solaris LED reflectors provide bold blocks of light and superior off-axis warning capability
  • Single and dual light head models
  • Cigarette plug with LED on/off switch and synchronized models
  • Simple push-button pattern control and 2-phase pattern synchronization
  • Versatile mounting brackets with "snap-on" flash guard
  • Library of more than 20 flash patterns

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Spectralux ILS

Warning and traffic clearing LED light built for first responders
SpectraLux™ ILS provides advanced warning and directional lights for both undercover and highway law enforcement vehicles as well as fire command vehicles. SpectraLux ILS offers the same advanced warning and directional lighting as a full-size lightbar. This internal LED lighting system features Federal Signal’s SpectraLux multicolor LED capability.

Stealthy appearance with eye-catching results
From inside the vehicle, the low-profile SpectraLux ILS blends into the headliner of the vehicle. When illuminated, the Solaris® LED reflectors provide superior optical performance outside the vehicle. With SpectraLux technology, while in operation a single LED light source can change color combinations from red, amber, blue or white. White LED options can be used as takedowns, work lights, or act as an impressive flood light. Rear models operate as a standard emergency warning light or amber SignalMaster, directional warning light, for on-coming traffic. SpectraLux ILS is available in split-front (8 LED reflectors), passenger side only (4 LED reflectors), and rear deck (10 LED reflector) models to fit a variety of popular law enforcement vehicles. Rear deck models are available with 6-head or 8-head SignalMaster. Rear models can also be configured with an 8-head SignalMaster and Red/Blue flashing ends.

Simple installation and programming
SpectraLux ILS models are equipped with the FS Convergence Network for simple ‘plug-n-play’ installation and programming. These units are compatible with FS Convergence Network sirens such as the PA300-CN and SmartSiren® Platinum. SpectraLux ILS are programmed with 26 built-in flash patterns and can remain in sync with other lighthead flash patterns or operate independently.

  • SpectraLux™ Multicolor LED Technology configurable in combinations of Amber, Blue, Red, or White
  • Solaris® LED assemblies for the highest optical efficiency
  • ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuity) technology reduces potential failure points
  • Compatible with FS Convergence Network sirens — PA300-CN and SmartSiren® Platinum
  • Available in Split-Front Models (8 LED reflectors), Passenger Side only (4 LED reflectors), and Rear Deck (10 LED reflectors)
  • Twenty-six (26) flash patterns
  • Standard five-year warranty parts / One-year factory labor warranty

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